Sunday, September 3, 2017


Created this card for a new baby or baby shower

 For this card I selected a purple cardstock and cut it a bit smaller than the original card and then cut out the white cardstock a bit smaller than the purple piece.
 I then imprinted the white cardstock with this cuttlebug template. Selected this purple ribbon to add on the bottom of card.
|Using the carriage and Conratulations die I cut them in the same purple as the one used on card. I selected a purple brad as a heart shape to attach the ribbon. I then glued the purple cardstock to original card and then the white imprinted paper on top. The carriage and wording was the glued on the imprinted paper. The ribbon was then folded and attached with the brad. I then glued the ribbon flipping a small piece in the back of the white imprinted cardstock to give it a clean finish.

Hope you enjoyed this project. Till next time.

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